Clothes are an extension of you. Without you, life would quite frankly be bare.
We care about you, you care for you.

Patrick James is a Cape Town based, understated apparel brand inspired by what has been and what could be. Without formal training in fashion design, we find ourselves blurring the lines between the fashion of the past and contemporary streetwear whilst paying attention to the construction required to craft timeless pieces.
We are a collection of wardrobe staples where each of our collections are released in limited quantities to avoid overproduction and to ensure we have manufactured each piece to superior quality satisfaction. All our patterns are designed and cut in-house and our garments are crafted to make you feel accomplished. Never has it been more crucial to consider our local textile industry and the environment around us and thus, we endeavour to support our local craftsmen and women and ensure our textile industry keeps growing.


The ethos behind stay in your lane originates from our value of not getting caught up in the comparison of life. Keep your vision in sight and pursue that, relentlessly without judgment of self and others.

Your significance needn’t be justified when in your lane – stay there.

Quietly confident and freedom through expression –  a sense of comfort in ones-self. This is what we embody at the studio.