Patrick James offers a contemporary take on classic menswear with sport luxe influences. Inspired by the dynamic energy of sports, we infuse athletic elements into our designs to create versatile and functional pieces for the modern man. Our collections boast minimalist design, clean lines, and impeccable build quality, ensuring that each piece is a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

From the field to the street, our pieces are the essential choice for those who value high-quality design with sporty influences.

Clothes are an extension of who you are and we are on a journey to empower you to feel the best you. We represent a community of spirited individuals.

Be you. Always.


The ethos behind stay in your lane originates from our value of not getting caught up in the comparison of life. Keep your vision in sight and pursue that, relentlessly without judgment of self and others.

Your significance needn’t be justified when in your lane – stay there.

Quietly confident and freedom through expression –  a sense of comfort in ones-self. This is what we embody at the studio.