Welcome to the developmental journey of The Patrick – our signature piece. It has taken us some time to source the correct cotton, refine the cut and pattern and build a formidable supply chain. Then, came our colour selection – what an experience that was! We wanted to incorporate what is true to us, texture, nature and earth.

Taking the path less travelled – we ventured out in search of colours. We are starting with Mayan Grey, Shaman Green and Stoic White.

Thanks to all who made this a reality of what could be.


To love your light is to know your darkness.

When reading this, the key message we aim to encourage is to accept and acknowledge both sides of your being and love yourself for it.

Dark and Light.

Let’s start being open to the fact that there is beauty in darkness. Darkness is not evil nor should it be considered bad. Your darkness is a fertile breeding ground to explore parts of you, you may have suppressed. That breeding ground where creative inspiration is allowed to flow through you.

Darkness is a safe space to learn the real you and understand the parts of you that are dying to know your light. The one cannot live without the other and we must embrace both facets of our being.

Close your eyes and see the darkness. This is not a scary place. This is the place where you take the first step to owning your dark side, and what a side that is.

Do not run away – embrace it. Don’t shun – welcome it.

Your dark side is as valuable as your light.


We are all tethered to something.

We have binds that shape us, make us, and stay with us. People, places, journeys, experiences, and even traumas mould how we view the world, some in more beautiful ways than others. Where these mostly tug lightly on our memories like threads, to some, our connectedness to certain things pull stronger. They lead us through our days and play with our perspectives. As we grow, so these tethers lengthen and change, binding and weaving along our journeyed paths.

Although they may overlap and intertwine with others, they remain uniquely ours.

The Patrick James Spring/Summer ’23 Collection pulls these tethers into the light, allowing them to stand strong and boldly by our sides. They become our companions, reliable in nature and unwavering in their connection. As we welcome these holds of ours, we become unleashed. We become whole.


The human limit, much like an airplane’s threshold, is a fickle thing. You can only push it so far before it cracks like a thin sheet of ice beneath your feet. Just like a pilot must respect the threshold of their flying machine, we must also respect the limits of our own flesh and bones.

If you ignore the warning signs and try to push yourself beyond your limit, you’ll find yourself crashing and burning like a plane that’s lost its wings. But fear not, dear friends, for just like an airplane can be strengthened and improved, so too can we strengthen our minds and bodies.

“Be the pilot of your own flight. Not the passenger.” — Giovannie de Sadeleer


We celebrate the pursuit of grace and poise in every facet of life, from fashion to lifestyle

In the graceful pursuit of self, we find that the most profound revelations come when we allow ourselves the freedom to play without constraints. Unconditional play invites us to shed our inhibitions, explore the uncharted, and rediscover the childlike wonder within us. It is in these unscripted moments that we often unearth the purest expressions of our essence, unburdened by societal expectations.

Detachment from the status quo is the anchor of this pursuit. It encourages us to question the norms that surround us and to discern our personal truths from the noise of conformity. By daring to break free from the confines of convention, we create the space needed for our authentic selves to emerge.

In this pursuit, we not only discover our true selves but also inspire others to embark on their journeys of authenticity. It is a testament to the profound power of vulnerability, resilience, and the unwavering commitment to living a life that is uniquely our own.